Mercy of Christ Fellowship Church

In 2009, Jeremy McClain decided to change careers and pursue a life of mercy ministry. This lead him to Daybreak Ministries, which is a gospel centered mercy ministry that serves one of the largest public housing communities in Washington DC. While serving at DayBreak Ministries he became a member, and eventually an elder, at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Through CHBC’s vibrant witness his vision of mercy expanded and now by the commissioning of Anacostia River Church and the genrouse giving of McLean Bible Church he and a group of diverse Christians are seeking to plant Mercy of Christ Fellowship Church in the area near Lincoln Heights D.C.

The hope of Mercy of Christ Fellowship Church is that many people in the Lincoln Heights area of Washington D.C would experience the wonderful mercy that God offers in Jesus Christ. Our plan is to offer this mercy by preaching the gospel and living as vessels of mercy in the community.

Since 2015 people have gathered for Friday night prayer meetings in the home of Pastor Jeremy McClain pleading with the Lord to open many doors for them to share the gospel within the community and to hold worship services in the community. On August 20, 2016, Mercy of Christ Fellowship Church held an evangelistic worship service in which a people from the community came and participated in the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that we can have regular services in the community in the near future and formily constitute as a church by September 1, 2017.