Job Fair

About once or twice per year, we host a community job fair designed to help our neighbors find meaningful employment. We partner with other churches and community groups to pull off the fair and we try to make the fair friendly for returning citizens looking to get on their feet.

Christian Legal Aid

CLADC exists to provide free or reduced-cost legal services to low-income individuals, families and non-profit organizations from a faith-based perspective. Utilizing a network of volunteer attorneys, law students and other professionals, CLADC provides legal services primarily through its legal aid clinics at locations around Washington, D.C.”

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DC127 is an initiative of Washington, DC churches focused on working together to ensure the success of every child in foster care and those at risk of entering the child welfare system. As an initiative, we believe we have a responsibility and call to mobilize our communities and congregations to care for some of the most vulnerable children in our city.

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The House DC

The House DC’s mission is to transform and empower the lives of inner city youth and families, through Christ, by giving them hope, a productive future, and a changed community. After-school programs at The House DC provide additional resources that students do not receive at school or, all too often, at home. We serve a family-style, home-cooked meal every evening, beginning with prayer, as staff members and students eat together and enjoy a time of sharing and conversation. We offer challenging programs, field trips, and retreats, interacting with students in a family atmosphere while expanding their horizons. We are able to mentor students individually and we walk side-by-side with them, helping them to effectively navigate through whatever challenges they face. As we do, students learn to face and overcome challenges and begin to set goals—a critical step for those whose goals were often limited to just getting through the day.

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Friends of Ketcham

Friends of Ketcham Elementary School (FoKES) is a group of committed volunteers dedicated to creating a community around a traditional school in Anacostia. The Anacostia neighborhood is filled with tradition, history and loving families. Many of the children that attend Ketcham are steeped in their community, and many of the children are also on the free and reduced lunch program (Title 1 school). Research shows that schools filled with children living in poverty have far less resources and opportunities to thrive and be competitive. Poverty should not stricken a child’s pathway to upward mobility. FoKES is taking the adage, “it takes a village” not only as words to the wise, but an action and an intentional way of supporting a traditional school in Anacostia. FoKES goals are to maintain the beauty of the school community, while also adding enriching programs, teacher grants, field trips, professional development, and parent engagement activities. This, FoKES believes, will build and enhance self awareness and confidence among the beautiful and brilliant children of Ketcham. All students and teachers can flourish with support, love and the resources to do so.

This endeavor to partner is mainly done by fundraising, and ‘friends’ collaboratively working together to add to the wonderful school community named Ketcham